About Wastewater
Training Solutions
Our mission is to provide high quality instruction to municipal and industrial
wastewater operators in the state of Wisconsin.  The training will be offered
at different locations in one day, two day, three day, and six day classes.  
(click on Schedule).  Each class goes from 8:00 am til 3:30 pm and 6 hours of
DNR continuing education credits are awarded.  To register, click on

On-site training is also available upon request.

The instructor, Dan Tomaro, worked at the City of Janesville Wastewater
Treatment Plant for 8 years.  For 9 years he taught wastewater classes
through Moraine Park Technical College.  Currently he is teaching through
Wastewater Training Solutions.
Wastewater Training Solutions
S7304B Gardner Road
Viroqua, WI  54665

Phone:  (608) 770-5144  
email:  dtomaro@yahoo.com
Wastewater Training Solutions
Note:  Due of coronavirus, I have cancelled all face-to-face
classes for the immediate future.
I will be offering most of the scheduled classes at the scheduled
times and dates over the internet, using Zoom.
If you have already signed-up and paid for classes, and do not
want to take them online, let me know and I will send a refund.
I will email registered students with details for taking classes
online a week before the scheduled class.